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Advanced Training and New Training Facility
The aim of the Builders Institute is to
offer each student a comprehensive 
advanced educational experience 
coupled with professional training 
in construction. Builders Institute has purchased this training facilities, classes starts spring of 2017.
Positive Learning 
​Builders Institute provides an environment that supports training opportunities designed to help prepare students to function in a diverse and increasingly technological society.
About Builders Institute
Builders Institute gives the adult access to high quality training in areas of residential and commercial construction. By offering supportive services such as career counseling and mentoring along with “soft skills” training in the areas of job readiness and leadership development, Builders Institute ensures students are well equipped with the professional skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Builders Institute is being sponsored by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), and the Construction Education Foundation of MN (CEF of MN) who agrees to train/certify Builders Institute’s Instructors on NCCER curriculum which will allow qualified instructors to train on residential and commercial construction skills and safety training.

Builders Institute Adult Advanced Training Program allows adults to earn college credits with NCCER standardized craft training for college credit which can be applied toward related degree programs with the MN State Colleges.

Builders Institute is also a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Minnesota/North Dakota Chapter which produces a yearly directory, to provide members with a valuable source of qualified contractors.

Builders Institute’s mission and goal for diversity in the construction industry has made a significant contribution towards getting adults the necessary advanced training and skills needed in the Twin Cities and beyond. 
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